The road from the grass hive to this day…

grass hive

Stoyo Petkov

Dimitar Kurdov

Nasko Kurdov left in the photo, Rada Kurdova between the two men, Dean Kurdov right in the photo


Several generations of beekeepers have contributed to our current high status as producers….

Dean Kurdov is a sixthgeneration beekeeper who has inherited the family traditions in the craft of honey making. He has been trained in it by his father Nasko and his grandmother Rada Kurdova . She is the woman who inherited the love for beekeeping from her father Stoyo Petkov and from her grandfather Ivan Stoev who was born in the distant 1873. He was a refugee from Greece who took up beekeeping in 1920. When married to Dimitar Kurdov, Rada passed over her knowledge to her husband who was utterly incompetent in the craft up until then. Their joint labour, learning and persistence lead them to developing successful business in the sphere of beekeeping in the mountainous region of Sakar, passing it over to their successors. Up until these days their bee families are being raised in this region which is abundant in species of vegetation.


In 2015 we decided that it was unwise and unacceptable for our produce to be only sold as raw material and that was the incentive for us to take the risk and set up a marketing brand. High quality has been our priority ever since. We make sure that every step in the production process up to the stage when the products reach the final client meets the highest of international standards. The quality of the honey we produce is certified by the SGS Company which is the world leader in checking, verification, testing and certification. It has been recognized a world paragon for quality and respectability. The luxurious outlook of our products is a striving of ours that aims at highlighting the value and importance of what we produce and offer to the market. Our goal is to satisfy the demands of our clients who are mainly looking for 100% genuine bee products.

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