Natural polyfloral honey in spoon box 5 pc


Bee honey is packaged in single doses in the form of spoons. Each spoon contains 10 grams of honey. This is an innovative solution that is very convenient when consumed in combination with different types of food and drink. This type of packaging allows the honey to be consumed even in crystallized state.
“I’m surprised that many children are rediscovering honey, thanks to our spoons, which they perceive as lollipops.” – Nasko Kurdov
100% Natural polyfloral bee honey ,extracted at the foot of Sakar Mountain. Bee families are situated in semi-mountainous terrain with varieties of forest grazing (crocus, thyme, thorn, clover, glock, blackcurrant, acacia, wild blackberry, etc.) and field grazing (coriander, alfalfa, sunflower) and cotton). The diverse flora that fly around and pollinate our bees enriches the honey composition and gives it a genuine authentic taste and rich aroma.

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